5.5V output?

Hi, I think I remember that the possible output voltage with external power supply used to be higher then 5V - am I wrong? Or did it change, indeed?

Maximum output has never been more than 5V.

What voltage do you need?

There’s a possibility of connecting a power supply in series with the Arc. When doing this the current will be measured correctly, but possibly with some additional noise. The energy will however not be correct as Otii will not be aware of the extra voltage fed on the side.

If this is something you are interested in we can provide some additional information.

nono, I was really just wondering :slight_smile: It’s fine!

Is there a software compensation possible if we add a external supply?
Note: I used this in the past with a potentiostat and by using a (low impedance) battery is series there is no additional noise.


No, we do not have a SW that compensates for power supplies in series with Otii.
This is, however, in our backlog.

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