Feature Request: Python for scripting

I’m using OTII for pretty much any development I do with small signal electronics and I love it! I just would love to use this tool together with Python as we are already running quite a lot of scripts using Python for both testing and development. Is there any plans to implement support for Python to script for the device?


Hello Robert

We are currently working on a feature where you can communicate with the Otii application by sending JSON data over a TCP connection. This will make it possible to instrument Otii in from any scripting language, or other tool. Our intention is to also release a small python package which wraps the JSON into functions instead. Some examples in python will also be provided.

Our intention is to first release this as a Technical Preview, meaning that the API isn’t set in stone and some changes that are not fully backwards compatible might be made. Any user feedback in that phase are most welcome.

Unfortunately I can’t say exactly when this will happen at the moment.

That sounds great, thank you for the update!

Do you have any update on this scripting feature?

I’ve just purchased the premium license after having Otii for 1 year and was hoping to be able to control Otii via my own test applications.

We expect something to be ready for test and possibly release during the fall.

We are currently reviewing the API as we really don’t want to break it after we have done an official release.

If there’s something you don’t like in the Lua API, now is a good time to mention it.