Internal Current Measurement Burden Voltage

From reading the specifications of the Otii, it looks like it may be ideal for our use, however one gotcha that we have encountered previously with DMMs is the burden voltage across the shunt resistor. Do you have specifications for this voltage for your various current ranges?
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Hi Jared,
You actually do not need to know the burden voltage across the shunt resistor since the Otii Arc compensates for this internally. Your output voltage will always be the voltage you have set, regardless the current flowing, if you are within specification.
Hope this answer helps!

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Hi Bjorn,

Okay, so you have your voltage source’s feedback point load-side of the current shunt? That’s good to know.

The other question around this for us is - how does crossing range thresholds affect the sampling rate?
Our remote device sits at ~1.5uA then bursts (~350ms) to ~33mA during TX, then falls to ~12-15mA for RX and some LED blinks (a few seconds). This would transition across the current range (19mA) and result in the sampling changing from 4kHz to 1kHz.
What would the sampling rate be doing around the larger current pulse? How long is the ‘reset’ period before returning to 4kHz?

I don’t think this is a showstopper in terms of purchasing though.

Quick non-technical one - If we bought one Otii with the Premium sub, what would a second unit cost? And would the sub be able to be used for this second unit? I’d likely use the full functionality during any development, then hand it over to the FW dept (who’d also need full functionality), however our test/QA team would likely hog a unit (hence getting a second) and may not need the full functionality all the time…

Hi Jared,

The low current signal will have 4kHz sample rate and the larger pulse will have 1kHz sample rate. You will not experience any time delay when transitioning between the high and low range, you will only notice that there are 4 samples per ms in the low range and 1 sample per ms in the high range.

Regarding multiple units.
The Premium subscription is a floating license, so you can install the SW on any computer. We are also releasing a SW update in a day or so that will let you work in Standard mode without a license if there is an Otii device connected.

I think that if you really need to work with Premium functionality in parallel, then you need to get a second Premium package.

If the teams are in close communication and you can time-share on the Premium functionality I propose you get one Premium and one Standard package on the same account, try it out for a while, and if it is not working you can upgrade the Standard to a Premium.

We currently have a pretty good Early Bird offer, which we will extend for a bit longer, so we are not able to do volume rebates at this price point.

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Thanks for your excellent support service Bjorn,

I’ll escalate the PO internally and get that order in.


I went to put the order in just now and there is no New Zealand option in the form, which of course breaks the form and I cannot submit the order. Similarly NZ is not available via the US store.
How do I go about ordering one of these? An Otii Premium…


Hi Jared!
We are currently working on including New Zealand in our e-store.

However, we have another solution! You can place an order by sending us an email to . We will then ship Otii directly to you from Sweden and issue an invoice. Please let us know if this works for you.

We apologize for the inconvenience.