Otii 3.4.1 different behaviour each time when enabling

My team created a battery profile and the intention was to use it for some checks.
Note: The battery profile was created over a very short time periode (4 days) compared to the expected lifespan we expect it to have in our device (5+ years).

The intension was to still use the battery profile created. Changing the SOC value in the configuration to ‘simulate’ the behavior to determine if the device would behave differently when the battery is getting near EOL,

But the tool seems unstable when using it. When I configure the SOC value to 10 percent one time it sets an expected voltage value of ~3.5V. But if we disable output and enable it again. The voltage value could suddenly become 3.8V.

We have an Joulescope attached to monitor the current and voltage of our DUT and it confirms that behavior. I also noticed yesterday a lot of noise on the output voltage and current measured by the joulescope. A restart of the otii tool and seems to have resolved that (issue?).

I expect that we are doing something wrong or that we might not follow the steps required.
Is there some guide that might help us to get a consistent setup ?

I’m expecting the issue I have might be related to the USB power supplied by the laptop.
But could not think about any reason that this would result in a higher output voltage then expected without any error or warning given by the tool\application.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you create a case in our case system, this to be able to upload the battery profile and other files I need to see what is wrong.

I am happy to support you.

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