Battery Model Creation

How are the supplied json battery models generated? Is there a script we can run to create our own from actual batteries?

I’d like to create a model for some of the batteries we have in our product(s), and create duplicate instances for varying temperatures. i.e. Renata CR2430 @-10degC through to @+70degC.

Hi Jared,
the supplied models were generated manually from datasheets and some validation. Were are moving to another format that will have tools support, but that is not ready for release yet.
Depending on your requirements you could also script your emulation. We have some scripts that take nominal voltage and internal resistance as parameters, and then emulate that.
And/or If you are interested in becoming a Beta tester you could participate in testing out the new emulation model as is progresses.

I wondered if that was the case.
I have the previously posted scripts around battery simulation, yet I’d like to model the internal resistance correctly so we have a representative (at least to first order approximation) of our batteries.

I’d be very keen on doing some beta testing for you. Thanks for offering! Please let me know when you have something for me to have a look at.


Should be able to come back in just a few days and bring you in on what’s cooking in the lab, just need one of expert back from a short leave.