Battery Supply Simulation


The “supply” dropdown in the new project dialog lists a few coin cells as options, but I need to simulate alkalines and NiMHs.

  1. Are there any plans for supporting custom battery profiles?
  2. Is there an example script that supports simil;ar functionality?


Hi Deniz,

  1. Yes, we will support custom battery profiles. We are right now re-writing some parts but do not have a committed launch date yet.
  2. We may be able to give you some beta scripts if you want to try out; a model that sets a nominal voltage and internal resistance and then adjusts output voltage according to current drawn by your device. Would that be what you are looking for ?
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Yes, beta scripts would be great please.

OK, will see if we can get something to you tomorrow.

Great, thanks.

Any update on this?

Sorry for the delay.
Please find attached script for battery emulation below.

To note:

  • It’s a Beta, with all that follows from that…
  • The model is that you set a nominal battery voltage and internal resistance, and it will regulate output voltage based on these parameters and current drawn. Look at the script, it is quite simple. This is a first order model, it does not emulate other parts of chemistry such as recovery time.
  • The loop is run in the PC, which means it’s timing will be affected by other stuff running on the PC. For the real stuff we are moving it into the Arc.
  • This script does not contain a low pass filter, so it will be a bit noisy.

Put it somewhere on your computer, load it in SW menu “Window/Scripting”, change parameters in the script to what you want (default 3.3V, 100ohm), and hit “'Run”.

Any question or issues, feel free to ask. If this is close to what you want we can improve the script a bit while waiting for the real updates.

BatEmulationIntResV0.2.lua (2.1 KB)

Along these lines, how are the supplied json battery models generated? Is there a script we can run to create our own from actual batteries?

I’d like to create a model for the battery we have in our product(s), and create duplicate instances for varying temperatures. i.e. Renata CR2430 @-10degC through to @+70degC.


Has this script been updated, or added to the any of the latest releases?

I’m trying to emulate a LiSOCl2 battery (ER14505M).



Yes it is updated. Now it is possible to profile and emulate batteries in the UI.
If you, or anyone else, are interested in knowing more about how this works, then book a

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Does the battery profile support tabular entry of Voc and ESR based on SoC?

What is the typ Load Recovery Time of the ARC unit?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The battery profiles are json files and you can create new ones based on data sheets or tables, you can also edit your existing profiles in any text editor.
Check out some examples at

When Otii Arc emulates a battery, it doesn’t have any specific recovery time. What you can do is change the cycle time, when you profile your battery, to increase or decrease battery recovery time effects.

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