Current measurement accuracy

Hello, our company primarily works on devices with consumption in range with 1 uA — 20 uA.
Will Otti be suitable for such an application?
What is the accuracy in this range? The main page says 1 uA, but spec page says 19 mA ±1%, wich is ±190 uA ??
What is the resolution on this range?

BTW, page is not working.

Hi Gordon,

Yes, Otii will definitively be suitable for your application.
The accuracy, according to the datasheet, is ±(1% + 0.5 µA) but actually it is much better than this.
In the range 1-19mA, the ADC step size is 5nA and the offset error is usually lower than 100nA.
I did a test on my Otii here at my desk, and the error, at 188uA, was less than 0.02% (28nA).
Remember to do an offset calibration before you do accurate measurements.

Regarding our contact page, strange. I tried it without any problems.
Thanks for reporting this to us.

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Thank you for quick responce!
I think, we will try Otii )