Measuring external subsystem with shunt

Otii is great help for us in the office. I have recently tried to sense how much current is sourced though the battery so I have connected a 0R1 in series to to the battery positive lead and connected to DUT. Accorsingly connected ADC+ before and ADC- after the shunt. I have also connected the AGND to the negative battery lead.

What im getting seems like a correct graph, but incorrect scale and im getting both positive and negative values for current which seems strange. Voltage seems allright.

Any ideas?


Hi Marcel,

This looks strange.
If you only open the ADC current channel and measure current, without anything connected, do you get a large offset?

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Without anything connected the current offset is in average -0.5uA and V offsetmaxes at 6mV.


Could you share a picture, or block diagram, of your complete setup?
If you do not want to share it here, then create a case in our case system.

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