Problem measuring low currents with ADC

I have read in this thread: Problem measuring currents with ADC that someone else had a similar problem, but my main concern is not the noise, but the offset.
I have seen that you were working on how to calibrate the ADC pins, is there any advance on that topic?

I am using a 0.05ohm resistor, because I need to measure amperes, I do not know if it is feasible to measure the sleep current while I am trying to measure high currents.

I am using the ADC method because the system is powered with a battery, is there another method to measure the current? I have thought about using SENSE because it can be calibrated, any tip?


To get the best current measurement dynamic range the system should be powered by the Otii Arc main terminals (connected to the system-under-test battery terminals with the battery removed). An external power supply for the Arc will be needed if you want to pull Amps of current as mentioned here: Qoitech FAQ.

If there’s something blocking the use of the main terminals we would really like to know so we can figure out if there are some potential workarounds.

With that being said we have made some progress with the ADC offset correction. If you want to try this out ahead of public release please create a case in our case system.

It can be removed, but is a difficult process, so I would prefer finding another solution.

Thank you for your response, I have opened a new case.