Feature Request - Sample Time


I am currently working on my master’s thesis and measuring the battery charging current as well as the solar and battery voltage during energy harvesting.

As I have already read in old posts, there is unfortunately no possibility to reduce the sample time before the measurement. Or am I wrong here?

Since my measurements are to take place over 24 hours, a lower sample time would be very helpful due to the expected amount of data.

Is there a possibility that you implement this feature or is there another way to reduce the amount of data?

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Hi Jonas and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the feature request!
You are correct, it is not possible in todays software to change sample rate during recording.

To be able to change sample rate is included in our back log, to be implemented.

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Hi @bjorn.rosqvist and thanks for your reply.

Only to be clear, I don´t want to change the sample rate during recording. I think it would be the best to change it before the measurement in the project settings.

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