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  1. I would like to be able to customize the Min. / Avg. / Max. values on the graph. Sometimes I take a snapshot of the graph but I only want to show the Avg. value. It should be possible to select what values to be shown in the graph.

  2. The possibility to switch positions between several graphs.

  3. The Min. / Avg. / Max. values are always fixed. The values should be based on what the current graph shows. When using the selection those values should be based on the selection, not the entire measurement.

  4. It should be possible to customize the sample rate.

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Hello Theo

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

  1. This is part of our backlog already. We would like to introduce a preference where you can select what statistics to display. We also would like to add new things, like for example Power (W).

  2. Also part of our backlog to be able to re-size and re-order the graphs. It will however most likely take a while until this item is resolved as there are other items we think are more important to address.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean here. If you have nothing selected, we show statistics for the entire graph. If you make a selection we show statistics for the selection. You can easily see this by resizing a selection where for example the max value increases.

  4. If you think it’s too much data and you end up with too large project files you can downsample the data after you have recorded. You can do this by right-clicking in the graph. We also have an item in our backlog to add support to do the downsampling directly when recording. So you for example can get 1ksps instead of the current 4ksps.

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Thank you Fletcher,

Great to hear tha you already have a plan to introduce those suggestion.
Fot bullet 3 you are correct about the selection, I totally missed that. But, I was also thinking about showing the actual values of the graph when running in “Follow Graph” without the “Fit Width”.

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Then I totally understand. And also something that’s already in our backlog. I’ll make sure to link this post in our internal system so we can see that the tickets are customer requests.

After an internal discussion I think we might need a clarification of #2. From my understanding you want to be able to re-order the graphs. For example if you do a recording with current, voltage and logs we lay it out in that order. But you might want voltage, log, current instead?




For #2 you have understand it perfectly, I want to re-order the graphs. Re-sizing X and Y-axle is definitely something that needs improvement since using the mouse-scroll is very inconvenient. It should be able to input the values by yourself, but I think that you already have a backlog for this.

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Release of 2.4.0 software

Yes, we already have an item for that, I’ll link that as well.


Great and thank you Fletcher for your prompt responses!

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In 2.4.0 you can set the Y-axis explicitly by right-clicking in the graph.