Feature requests - improved charting

I’ve just started using the OTII - first impressions are very good though it took me a good 5 minutes to realise that the I had to enable output by turning on the Arc “power switch” slider. The default black/grey color scheme on the windows application doesn’t really draw attention to this when it’s off. Perhaps you could make it red when off or style it in some way to make it a bit more obvious that it’s there!

The charting is very nice - a couple of ideas for improvement…

  1. let me force 0mA as the minimum value on the y-axis - so I can get a better idea of the scale of variations.

  2. The energy calculation across a selected period is a nice feature. It would be even more useful if I could drag both left and right cursors together while maintaining the time/distance between them. This would be useful when looking at traces where the current consumption is mostly constant but were there are periodic spikes. By dragging the entire selection window I can compare the energy spend in 3 ms of the ‘flat’ section with the energy spend in 3ms that contains the ‘spike’ and therefore get an idea of how much energy the spike is costing over and above the constant portion.

  3. Being able to compare multiple recordings is a nice feature. I know you can manually align these by adjusting the offset but it would be even better if you could just drag them relative to each other on the chart window.

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Hello Neil

I’m glad to hear that first impressions are very good,

  1. That’s unfortunate, we haven’t received this feedback before but we had a plan to have an overlay on the application the first time you start it. Unfortunately we never got around to implementing it as there were more severe things to fix. I’ll feed your comment into our internal issue tracker and we’ll see if we can make an improvement in the area.

  2. You are not alone about wanting to manipulate the y-axis. We’ve also got the feedback that it would be nice to set the scale so you easily can compare two different view (e.g. Arc Main Current and Arc ADC Current). We already have an item in our internal issue tracker for this.

  3. I know we have discussed this earlier before but I seem unable to find an issue for it. I will create one for it.

  4. We totally agree, have you got any suggestion on how to create the UI around this, how do you select which recording it is you want to move?

Best Regards
Christer Fletcher

Also can you add to the list of features to be added or discussed -

  1. Increase the displayed resolution of the min/max/avg selection (etc zooming in on voltage reading shows 1mV granularity, but Max etc only shows it rounded to 10mV. (maybe a preferences setting?)

  2. Add cursor Y-axis value in grey box(s)

  3. Flip side of cursor line grey box(s) appears on when grey box(s) would go off screen

  4. Add a time-base per division, volts/div or amps/div etc display field - I’m getting tired of working it out each time I zoom in or out.

  5. Beside the UART’s “Show time”, add an absolute/relative tick box - Absolute is the current mode, a Relative mode would display ms since last event - E.g. 189174 - 221319 so I can compare it with 253461 - 221319 without scribbling or a calculator. (or simply have both fields in the log).

Regarding Neil’s point 3 - you could have a little lock/unlock padlock, click that, it unlocks that waveform, you then drag around, lock the padlock, and this locks the offset value in. Entering the offset directly simply bypasses the unlock, move, lock process.

And after a reply to another posted question I had -
6) Addition of a simple Math plot where you pick source channels and a function to apply to these. I know you can script this, however you still need to take the output to outside tool-chains (Matlab, Excel, Labview etc)

Hello Jared

  1. We plan to add this as a preference.

  2. This one we’re a bit unsure about. Is it the min value, max value or average value of the samples under your cursor you want to see? And for which recording, all of them or just the latest? I think different users would like different things in this area. But it’s noted and we’ll take it into consideration.

  3. I’ll add this as a bug report.

  4. Any suggestion of where to display this?

  5. Added as a feature request. If under understand you correctly you want the time between each log row instead of the absolute time? So absolute time 0, 2000, 2500, 3500 -> relative 0, 2000, 500, 1000 ?

Neil #3) I quite like this suggestion. I’m not sure this will be the first incarnation of this feature, but will add it to the ticket we have.

  1. Got a ticket for this internally already.

Thanks for your suggestions, keep them coming.


I came to add another one and found your reply.

  1. I typically only have one trace/recording active at a time, so just want to see the raw sampled value (singular) for the cursor position (it would then be easier to add for all traces). I think the min/max/avg stats should be kept to having an area selected.

  2. You could probably put both fields in the banner along the top of each channel like:
    Arc Main Current <> ^ || |> 5s/div 15mA/div MIN:xxx AVG:xxx MAX:xxx

  3. Correct. So can check timing loop variations etc - saves trying to do it with the cursors if the user has their state-machine states being output over UART

and speaking of UARTs: what is wrong with this line? - “box:set_uart_baudrate(19200)” its calling a nil value… and box:get_uart_baudrate() doesn’t return anything.

  1. Can you add line numbers in your script editor (I don’t typically use 3rd party editors) so it would make debugging the ‘error on line X’ easier to find.

  2. Also I notice I’m zooming into the tops of wave-forms a lot, and the cursor boxes in zoom mode obscure what I’m trying to zoom in on. Preference tick-box to selectively turn off this box during zooming? Or simply turn it off?

  3. add an “export all to csv” for the recordings

  4. add an export and export all to the UART window (include timestamps)

  1. So I guess a good start would be to show the latest recording only, it would work for your single recording scenario and not clutter the graph down too much. However, still need min, max or average, as there might be more than a single sample in the single pixel that the grey box belongs to. If you have a long recording and have zoomed out a lot, there might be several seconds of data within a single pixel. And if so, should the min, max or average be shown?

  2. I’ll add a ticket.

  3. There’s nothing wrong, it’s a bug fixed in next release. If you want I can send you a build with this bug fixed, if so, please create a case so I can attach it to you privately.

  4. I’ll add this as a ticket, unsure how hard it is for us to do.

  5. I don’t quite understand what you mean here. Can you attach a screenshot that you draw on to explain this?

  6. I’ll add a ticket

  7. I’ll add a ticket.

I’d love to have a mAh reading for the current selection. When working with linear regulators and battery power, the mAh’s consumed are more relevant than the energy consumed, and easier to relate to the battery capacity. A log-scale option on the y-axis would also be useful when dealing with large transients.

Hello James

We have both of these items on our backlog already.

Our intention is to make statistics more dynamic where you can select which columns you would like to see.


With the release of 2.3.0 software today this has been improved. You can make a selection, right-click on a recording and choose to offset it by the selection.

Hello, I have been testing out the Arc and Otii for a little over a week now and thought that I could leave a few suggestions for the chart/interface here also :slight_smile:

  1. Possibility to undo (ctrl-z) on zoom and selection. I have countless times mistakenly zoomed when i just wanted to select an area and vice versa. Or at least make it visually clear which function is currently chosen by clearly highlighting the mode-icon for the selected mode.

  2. Resize the visualization windows, as it is now all windows will split equal. But sometimes you want a more detailed view of one window while still have a smaller view of the secondary.

  3. To be able to add annotations in the graph would be very helpful when showing recordings to others.

  4. Easier way to show/hide recordings. Either by double clicking the recording name, or by adding a check box like with the visualizations.

  5. When minimizing the script window, the “tab” drops down to the left bottom of my main display even if I have Otii on my secondary display. It would be better if it stays within the Otii window. (same thing with history window)

  6. Every time I start Otii I have to click “Device -> Meters” to show the meters. The checkbox should be persistent until unchecked.

  7. Most scroll wheels nowadays also have the scroll left/right function. That could be equivalent to the ALT+SCROLL.

  8. Kind of a special case request, but a left handed option for the short cut keys would be great for me :slight_smile: I understand how S/D/Z are nice nice for the right handed and that the letters makes sense for the functions. But for lefties its not very comfortable to cross your hands all the time.


  1. If you accidentally start using the zoom tool, you can press Esc to abort it. I’ll create a ticket for Undo in UI context. Should be easier to implement than undo in data context (OTII-940).

  2. We have a ticket for this (OTII-26). I’ll be honest and say that we’ve had it for a long time. We’ll get there eventually.

  3. Also something we already have a ticket for (OTII-753).

  4. Again, something we also want to improve (OTII-515).

  5. I’ll add a ticket for this (OTII-941).

  6. I’ll add a ticket for this (OTII-942).

  7. I’ll add a ticket for this (OTII-943).

  8. We’ve had request for being able to re-bind the shortcuts, I guess that would be fine for you as well. I don’t seem able to find the ticket, so I’ll create a new one (OTII-944).

@JaredFinch. These are all great suggestions (particularly 1 &3)


If you accidentally start using the zoom tool, you can press Esc to abort it. I’ll create a ticket for Undo in UI context. Should be easier to implement than undo in data context (OTII-940).

I’ll suggest an implementation that has worked well for me in other tools which is an undo/redo stack . I.e. more akin to back/forward in the browser with a ‘home’ mechanism to pop back to the top.

Something not to change is the way the mouse zoom centers on the current cursor position… this is a really nice feature which I wish more tools would adopt! :slight_smile:

I’ll add this comment to OTII-940

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In 2.4.0 you can set the Y-axis explicitly by right-clicking in the graph,

This was added in 2.5.1 released today.

That’s great - thanks!

This has been added to 2.5.3 along with support in meters for multiple Arc devices at once.