Feature Request - Always show live current/voltage/status of Otii


Just got our new Otii.
Have been used to using a bench power supply for many many years… being able to glance at the output and see its status is useful.

Would like to be able to see Voltage, Average current and if the supply is in current limit at a glance, with an easy to use on/off switch (bigger than the tiny slide switch).

Perhaps in a small floating window or make it more pronounced on the bar on the Left-Hand side. Currently the ARC voltage is there with a switch… but its very understated and there appears to be more room there to allow the display of the Otii status clearly with a bigger font.

UI is good for recording, but there are bits in between where you just want a power supply. Where I think this change could help.


Hello Carl

We will take your suggestions under advisement. I have created an internal ticket in which we will handle it.

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