Main voltage


I am new to the otii arc and have a question about the power source.
I set mine to 3.6V (connected by usb port).
On the graph, the average is 3.6V but there seem to be

fluctuations (see photo).

Is this normal ?

Thanks !

Hi and welcome to the forum.

How does the current graph looks like in this measurement?
Most probably, there are high short bursts in the current consumption graph making Otii Arc working hard in regulating the voltage.

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I unplugged everything from my board (Icarus).
Indeed, it comes from my sensor (a VL53L1X) connected to i2c.
This is a blinky program so the sensor is just plugged in but not in use.
I’m going to find out why the i2c connection causes these high short bursts.
Thank you !