+5V pin on pin header


I cant find any information about the +5V pin on my Otii. Is it possible to somehow enable a 5V output there? (It seems to be 0V there for me at the moment.)

BR Henrik

Hello Henrik

Currently it can’t be enabled. In the next software it can be enabled from script. I will bring up with development that customer is asking for it. Hopefully an UI switch can be added.

I can second that, the 5v supply would be really handy, my particular use case is as the power for a charger with the main Arc supply as the ‘battery’

My usecase is, just like jeremy points out, to use the +5V as a “charger power supply”. Will it be possible to track the current for that output as well?
It would be extremely handy when developing charge solutions and in automated test environments!

By the way, when is this new release planned? I want to use the pin primarily in an automated test environment from scripts.

The pin can not be tracked. It’s also limited to 500 mA.

Please note that the 5V pin was in our roadmap but not fully enabled until the 1.1 hardware revision. In the 1.0 hardware variant it will not perform as expected.

We are finalizing the new software from a development point of view. So we expect it out within a few weeks time unless Quality Assurance team finds something.