Long tests and Windows reboots

My IT dept forces windows upgrades, causing machine reboots.

is there any way to tell the otii to keep going?

if it has to lose some log data, ok but i do not want the otii to shut off every time it doesn;t hear from “mama windows” every 2 seconds…


so replying to myself - the qoitech guys said no, it is not meant to keep going if the app or windows, stops

use ubuntu.

ok but what if the ubuntu pc quits?

why isn;t there a standalone mode ? “bench power supply emulator mode”?

“if we have input power (say from the back panel jack), we keep going” mode?


Otii Arc sends data to the computer all the time during ongoing measurement and therefore needs the computer up and running.
We have, in our plan, support for systems like Raspberry Pi, but we are not there yet.

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