Otii Arc non-stop sourcing?

Hi guys. I have been using our Otii Arc in an automated test setup for some time, the setup is like following:

  • Otii powered by external DC power supply + USB.
  • Device under test is powered by Otii, and the device is never powered off. <— non-stop sourcing of current up to 1A
  • Measurement is turned on only when needed.

This setup works great for several weeks. But for longer term, I wonder if it is healthy for the Otii. We would like to use the setup at least for years. The sourcing current could vary from several mA to several hundreds of mA.

Thanks for any concerns / suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

The use case you described above should not be any issues for long term testing.
Happy testing :+1:

Best regards,