Feature request - add annotations to chart

Maybe this has been suggested before:
I work with a hardware guy who’s not into coding, but I want to share the otii logs with him.
Thus, free version would be fine for him, just for viewing.
But it would be great if standard version and up had the possibility to add annotations to specific “keyframes” (at a specific time - like 9 s 100 ms: motor enabled) or for a specific timespan (9s 200ms to 13s 400ms: motor running).
As an idea for UI: it could be simple as having “arrow icons” (like they’re used for video editing UIs) when (right-)clicking at a specific time (in the upper bar).
I think annotating a timespan is more complex for the UI, so I’d absolutely live with just setting keyframes. For the motor running example I’d set 2 keyframes:
9s 200ms: motor running started
13s 400ms: motor running stopped

or so…

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It’s an excellent idea. It has, as you suspected, been suggested before. It’s something we have discussed internally and want. It will certainly be added. I’m afraid I just can’t tell you when at the moment as we haven’t started the development of it yet.

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