Feature Request - Recording Manipulation

Hi there, I’m enjoying working with the Otii Arc so far. I have some suggestions for the software that in my opinion would improve the user experience. I apologise if some of these have already been suggested:

  • Reorder recordings in left side pane: Some recordings are related to others so being able to move them around in the left pane would help UX

  • Reassign colours to recordings: As the number of recording grows, the colours start get more similar or even repeat I think. It would be great to be able to control the colour of each recording for easing comparisons

  • Import recordings into project: I see that a recording can be exported to CSV. It would help if recordings could be imported in a project, so that I could theoretically export a recording and import it in another project.

  • Y axis offset for better comparisons: Currently an offset can be applied to the X axis. Being able to add an offset for the Y axis would help for comparisons where the recordings are not best overlapped.

I am interested in knowing what you guys think.


Hi David and welcome to the forum,

Thank you very much for these improvement suggestions.
The ones that aren’t already in our backlog will be added, great!
The last one, “Y axis offset”, could you describe this a little bit more, please. A description of your use case would be great.

Best regards,

Hello Björn,

Has Import recordings into project been implemented yet?
I am also looking for this ability.