How to extract and read recording

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Current I am using Otii Arc and the Free Software. I am trying to export and a file but could not.

  • I can do File/Save as to have configuration file and go further to have ./dat file. But this .dat file gives me unreadable content. So how can I read that file?
  • I also tried to export by right click a recording list but there is no “Export CSV” (The image is below).
    . How can I export CSV in this case?

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Huy Nguyen,

@huynguyen97 have you found the solution for it?

Hello, I found something helpful but not really a solution. I could not found a way to do it so I figured out another way. I just saved the file (.otii) and later when I need the data I just open the file with Otii Arc.

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In 3.1.0 there is a first implementation of export to CSV.
This was not yet implemented in 3.0.0

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