Otii Arc VDD rise time


I could not find any data regarding VDD rise time of the otii arc in the datasheet. Is there a plot somewhere that describes this?

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Hi Tofik and welcome to the forum.

I am not completely sure what you mean with VDD rise time.
Attached is a plot showing a step from 1V to 3V with a resistive load of 2ohm.

This is measured at the resistor so there is a voltage drop in the cables.
The 10-90 risetime is ~23us.

I hope this answers your question.

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Hi Björn,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I should have indeed been clearer in my question. I was referring to a rise time from 0-1.7V+.


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Here is the scope-view of how it looks when power is turned on with 2V and 1kohm load.

What you see is relay bounces and ringing due to inductances in the cables (and maybe the probe also).
As you can see, the rise time is very low except the relay bounces.

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Thank you for providing this information!