UART output as well as input

Is it possible to send commands to the target device via the UART?

It would be handy to be able to interact with a target device via the UART when connected to the Arc.

On the subject of UART, would it be possible to use a different UART port than the one on the Arc?

Hello Jeremy

It is possible through the scripting interface available to Premium users to send commands via UART. See device:write_tx in the documentation for more information. Currently we do not have any support in the UI to write to an UART.

I’m not sure what you mean with “different UART port”. You can use traditional UART cables as well, but unfortunately, it’s read only at the moment.

I was more thinking about just dynamically typing commands in rather than anything scripted.

So for example maybe the device does not directly expose a UART to connect to the Arc and you have to use a special adaptor or maybe the console is a virtual serial device over USB. So just generally just allow selection of any com port on the (host) system.

We loop through all devices considered serial ports and add them as UART device if they don’t match a known hardware. There’s a file in the otii directory of your documents directory named uart_blacklist.json. Open that and double check that we don’t ignore the vid & pid of your device. You can safely remove all the items blacklisted. If you want to go back to default just delete the file and we will create a new one on next start with standard values.

Ah right I see, just updated to the latest version of the software and can see them now, Thanks.

I agree with @jeremy, a way to send commands via UART would be nice. Since it’s still a manual task it does not replace the scripting / premium package in any way :slight_smile:

Of course it’s possible through an FTDI dongle in parallel, but it’s less convenient.

I’ll add this feature request to our internal backlog.

Today we released 2.2.0 software and 1.0.10 firmware. With the combination of those, Uart TX is now supported in the Otii UI. Get it on the download page. Hope you like it.


Excellent, I will give it a try

Hi…i had the similar situation and i observed that If I write a UART output function, the actual data outputed is shown in a window in uvision GUI (UART1 window pane).I need a window to initiate the reverse operationSomewhere for me to manually type data that will be seen by the simulating environment (uvision) as having been received on the serial port.