UART Rx scripting

I got one of our firmware engineers to output some values from our product via the UART and these are coming through in the Arc UART window approximately every 30 seconds (but not exactly, or consistently)
I’m running the unit at varying voltages and recording the waveforms for post-processing, however what I want to do is to also record the timestamp and log messages into a file for each of the test sequences.

My lua script is essentially:

setup device
setup project
setup variables and channels

set the supply voltage
record 2min (via msleep function) <- want to record the UART in here…
export results to some files
adjust setpoint

How would I accomplish this?

Jared (HW guy attempting some software)

Hi Jared,

I am also a HW guy attempting software.
When I wrote an example script for you, then we discovered a bug in UART logging.
We will correct this and send you a private build as soon as it is ready.

Best regards,

Hi Jared

We got the things prepared for you. Please create a case where we can attach the binaries and scripts to you.

This didn’t work - please email these files through to jared.finch at vigilmonitoring dot com

The example code, and specific SW and FW builds work as needed, and the case-system is all fixed.
Great support guys!