Use Otii as microammeter only, with no power supply?

I am interested in characterizing the IV curve of a photovoltaic cell, for various lighting conditions. For that, I want to characterize Iout and Vout from the cell, for a variety of load resistances.

To that end, can I use Otii simply as a microammeter, by setting the power supply to 0V?

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Hi Kwible,

No, Otii Arc minimum voltage is 0.5V on the main.
You can use ADC+ and ADC- together with a sense resistor to measure your current but then you need to set the load yourself.

One other option you have is, if you have Enterprise license so that you are able to script, to let Otii try to sink as much energy as possible from your energy harvesting component.
You could then evaluate your enery harvester with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) by letting Otii Arc increase or decrease the current it sinks depending on the amount of energy the energy harvester produces.

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