How Otii calculate Energy


I use ADC current measuring, because of high voltage (2x3,6V in series … 7,2V) i understand how is Energy caluclated, when I use ADC current + ADC voltage against AGND, i guess that VoltageCurrentTime. But when i measure current in circuit with high voltage, i have to disconnect AGND because of very bad reading (very high idle current, normally 200uA but with AGND 40mA+). But when i disconnect AGND and measure only current, is all alright, but Otii keep Energy calculating… How without voltage ? I have only one shunt with ADC- and ADC+ connected, nothing else.

Is there any way to measure energy consumption right on 7.2V with otii ?

Thank you

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Otii Arc only support voltages up to 5V so don’t connect higher than this or you risk damage the unit.
The energy calculation is done by measuring the voltage and the current. If the voltage reading is wrong, then the energy calculation will also be wrong.

To answer your question, no, you cannot measure energy for your 7.2V system with Otii Arc.

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Hello, thank you.

Yes, i am aware of it, i dont measure 7,2V. And that is the problem. I measure current only with ADC- and ADC+ on shunt. In my Otii project i have only ADC current ticked, nothing else. How can Otii calculate Energy (in right upper corner) without voltage ?


OK, I understand.
The answer is that it cannot calculate the energy, at least not correct.
It doesn’t know that it is not the right voltage.

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