4 wire current measurements using sense +/- wire

I am interested to do 4 wire current measurements using sense +/- wires. do you have any documentation regarding this?
where should I connect the sense wires? do I need any kind of resistor?

thank you.

Hi atif and welcome to the forum.

You connect SENSE+ straight to your Device Under Test (DUT) where you have connected Main+ and SENSE- to DUT where you connected Main-.
No resistors should be involved.
4-wire measurement is enabled, in Battery profiling, by selecting “Use 4-wire” check-box and in automation/scripting by using the API enable_4wire(enable)

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Hi Bjorn,
first of all, thank you for your quick reply.
with 2 wire I have avg 3.52 uA consumption. while with 4 wire its 6.63 uA.
why the current consumption is double in 4 wire mode?

please take look in the attached images.


When you connect any of the Sense pins, you also connect a load of roughly 1.2Mohm. The increased current consumption comes from this resistive load.

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