A USB connection to Otii

Maybe parts of this thread will make a couple of new FAQ entries, time will show…

  1. Which USB version is it? 2.0? 3.0?
  2. Have you, guys, ever tried Otii through a switchable USB hub? This is the one that allows to (dis-)connect individual USB devices using a physical button. Sometimes I need to turn Otii off but I don’t like to pull USB plugs in and out too often.

Hello yabusame

If we get the same question from many users we will be sure to add it to our FAQ.

  1. The hardware is capable of hi-speed USB (USB 2.0). We do however only enumerate as a full-speed USB device (USB 1.1) as the amount of data we transfer over USB is well within full-speed specifications. Full-speed USB is also a bit more fault tolerant than hi-speed. If we at a later point add more functionality that increase the bandwidth needs we might enumerate as a hi-speed device instead.
  2. Two of the developers in the Otii team have USB hubs with switches and it works fine. Please let us know if you encounter an USB hub with switches which does not work as expected and we’ll see if we can troubleshoot that.

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Thank you for fast reply.
Yes, my hub doesn’t work well. It looks like it supplies insufficient power to Otii. I see ripples and voltage drops on power graph. It’s a cheap noname hub so I don’t expect too much from it.
Would ask if the guys who use this type of hubs can share vendor name and model number?

Unfortunately the model does not seem to be sold any more. It was manufactured by plexgear.