Otii Arc and a faulty cable

Hi all,

a few Otii users have raised the issue this week of Otii Arc not connecting with the computer. We looked into the issue, and are embarrassed to say that we messed up.

Long story short: there is a small batch of USB cables that accompanied Otii Arcs that should not have been sent. We received the wrong cables from our supplier and failed to check before shipping. Now with a week of intensive testing, we can gladly say that there are no issues with Otii Arc, just that specific cable type, nevertheless we are very sorry and we owe you an apology.

It goes without saying that we will replace every single faulty cable. This affects those who have made purchases during October through Digikey, up til yesterday (28th of October). Your work with Otii Arc is not affected if you have an extra USB cable yourself. For those without, contact us at sales@qoitech.com to correct this.

It is not how we normally work and we will do better in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Your Qoitech Team

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