Adjusting max sink current to 1.5A

Hello forums,

I’ve just got up and running with my new Otii Arc, and I’m loving the experience so far. It has added a lot of value to my projects already. So thank you for a great product.

I have an application where I need to sink up to 1.5A into my Otii Arc (I am designing a Qi wireless li-ion battery charger circuit). I note that without the Automation Toolbox, I am limited to a maximum sink current of 500mA.

I have just upgraded to the Otii Pro software with Automation Toolbox, to attempt to enable me to sink up to 1.5A. I also note that this is not possible via the GUI, and must be done via the command line interface (as far as I know).

The trouble is, I’m a hardware engineer with very little programming or command line interface experience. Please might staff at Otii guide me through setting up my laptop to make use of the automation toolbox features?

I’m running the Otii 3 software on Mac OS Monterey, on an M1 Macbook Air laptop. I have ‘reserved’ my Pro license with Automation via the app. I can see that I can make multiple measurements, so the Pro functionality has activated properly.

At this point, I am following the instructions in the documentation here

I have used Terminal and pip3 to successfully install the Python client using this command:

pip3 install otii-tcp-client

At this point, I’m told by the documentation that I need to have the Otii TCP server running. When I load the Otii 3 app, at the bottom-right I see that it says “TCP:off”. I cannot find a means to turn this on. So here I am stuck.

Furthermore, reading ahead to the next step, this will involve creating a python script. I feel embarrassed to ask about such a basic step as this, but please may I have some guidance to doing this, to help me set the max sink current? I don’t have python experience, but I’m willing to learn. I just need help setting up a development environment on my laptop, so that I can start executing the commands described in TCP Server API.

Thanking you in advance.