Auto power off

Another good option to have would be automatic power off of the Arch at program exit.

Oops!!! It did in earlier releases, didn’t it? Just checked it, indeed, DUT remains powered on. Need to be careful with this.
I would go even further and make power switch always visible and reflecting current state of main output. In case host SW fails to turn it off at exit (USB connection lost), the next time user starts the app, he needs to see that power is on.
Don’t show splash screen with New and Open icons at startup. Open last known project instead, If can’t open it, create a new empty project and query Arc for settings and state.

@yabusame It has never turned output off when closing the application. It used to turn output off when you started the application but we didn’t think that feature was very good so it was removed.

The LED on the device indicates if the power is on or not. If the LED shines with a steady green light the power is on. This is true in all scenarios except if you have the device selected in Project settings, then it will flash instead so you know which Arc you are configuring.

@ptl Adding this as an option is something we may do. We’ll discuss internally how to proceed with your suggestion.

LED is better than nothing I’d say. And LED can be controlled from Lua script. What if a script turns the LED off and hangs.
Well… That’s a paranoid scenario.

As you say, the LED will no longer reflect the output power if the user decides to manipulate the LED from script. Typically the reason to manipulate the LED from script is to indicate that some action is ongoing. So if you flash it in some specific pattern while recording or some other lengthy operation I’d say it’s also clear that the output is still on. Why you would just turn the LED off from script while you have the output on I’m not sure.

I don’t think we should be overly protective either. We should assume that the user has a fair understanding of what he or she is doing. It’s after all a product designed for people with technical skill and not a general consumer electronics device.

We will discuss turning power off at exit, but I believe the LED is a fairly reliable indication of the state of the output power.

Yas and no. But let’s keep this discussion within its topic before Almighty Moderator comes with banhammer.
I vote for turning power off at application exit and, especially, at non-graceful exit like receiving SIGTERM.
We’ll probably create a separate thread for audiovisual signals.