Main voltage turns off


Im using an ARC running the latest FW (1.0.8) and 1.5.5 Software on Linux. After ~30 minutes, the Main voltage (in my case 5V) is automatically turned off and when turning on again, the level is at 4.2V. I have the same problem with the 2.0.0 version.

Any thoughts about this? Is there some kind of setting for this or is it a bug?

BR Henrik

Hello Henrik

It sounds like you loose the DC as power supply. Could you attach otii.log found in your Documents/otii folder and we can investigate it. If you don’t feel comfortable attaching it here then create a case at the case system.


Hi Fletcher,

Here you can find the log:

otii.log (134.2 KB)

// Henrik

Hello Henrik

Based on this output in your file:

fre juli 13 11:36:22 2018 I: “Arc” “main” changed value to “off”
fre juli 13 11:36:22 2018 I: “Arc” “vdc” changed value to “off”
fre juli 13 11:36:22 2018 I: “Arc” “vdc” changed value to “on”

It looks like vdc (The DC jack) for some reason got disconnected and re-connected.

Looking in the firmware code it should happen if the voltage form the DC goes above 10.5V or below 6.5V.

What DC adapter are you using and can you double check that it’s plugged in properly?

Hi again,

I’m using my old trusty PB3100 Powerbox with the DC plug-banana cable, so I doubt that the voltage suddenly changes. I will make sure the connectors are properly plugged in first thing Monday morning!

If it persists, let me know and I can send you a modified firmware with a bit more info in the output.

DOH! It was a user error after all.

The current limit on my power box was set to low, now it has been running for a couple of hours without a problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the superb support (and for a really good product!)!

br Henrik

Happy to help, good that you got it sorted. I’ll still file an internal ticket about adding what voltage it was when it disconnects, so we can give a better error message.