Calibration Service


You say that for the Enterprise License you offer a Calibration Service, but I can’t find any information on you webpage about the details of that calibration service. So, what are the details of the calibration service? How is it offered, and what does it include?

Best Regards, Lars

Hi Lars, welcome to the forum!

To maintain the accuracy, we recommend a yearly calibration.
The process is as follows:
Contact us with a calibration request (question category) in our case system.
Send the unit(s) to us, we do the calibration/adjustment in-house.
We send back the unit(s) with calibration record(s).
The calibration includes main current & voltage measurement, current sink, ADC current measurement and Sense+/Sense- voltage measurement.

The cost is 150EUR + freight cost.

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Ok, and this is an exclusive offering for customers with Enterprise licenses only? Or is it available to any customers who pay the associated costs?

Hi Lars,

This is available for all customers.
Enterprise customers needs only to pay the freight cost.

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