CC operation fail with low ESR load


I’d like to monitor how a large capacitor charge at constant current.

When I have a rechargeable Ni-MH battery as load and set Arc main voltage to 3.6v with max current 10mA and “current limit”, I can monitor the charging behavior at constant current. Very nice!

But when I use 500mF super capacitor as load, Arc immediately cut-off the main voltage even thought “current limit” is selected rather than “cut-off”.

If I insert 10 Ohm register in series to the super capacitor, Arc is happy to work as constant current supply.

Is this behavior expected? Any advice how to avoid inserting a series register?


Hi Shunya,

I am very interested in seeing the system behavior when this happens.
Could you create a case in our case system and attach a project showing this?
I am also interested in knowing your setup (How is Arc connected, how is the capacitor connected etc.)
If possible, also attach an image of your setup in your case.

Best regards,

Thanks, Björn!
I created a case and uploaded a drawing and video to explain.