Feature request - Constant power battery profiling

Since our devices use an SMPS it would make sense to us to profile the batteries in constant power mode, not constant current, because that would more closely resemble how the battery behaves during the later discharge stages in our device.

Are there any plans to implement this in the battery toolbox?

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Yes, we will implement constant power in the battery profiling tool.
I have not yet any release date for this.

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I’m pleased to hear it’s planned, too bad there’s no release date.
Do you perhaps have an Otii script that implements this, which we could use until the functionality shows up in the battery toolbox?


If you look in your installation folder for examples, you can find battery_profiling.lua
This script uses an API that can set constant power instead of constant current.
Check out API description for device:set_battery_profile(profile)

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