Feature request - Get main current consumption by command line

We are a small company (10 people) and we just need to read the main current (available in power meter) by command line to use this tool in our production test. Would it be possible without paying 600+500+400/year ?
We don’t need full control and scripting capability, just “main current” reading. Please save us the time to look for another power supply that has this feature.
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Hi Thomas,

The command line possibilities is a part of the Automation toolbox and is not accessible without the license. The cost is $59/month or $599 for the first year, with a decreasing cost for each year until the third year.

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Thomas, I think the Otii is probably the wrong tool for the production line if all you want to do is read a steady-state current in the mA region. (We do this kind of test ourselves to screen for gross build errors.)

You can buy relatively low-cost PSUs that provide a current reading over usb such as this one… HANMATEK HM305P DC Power Supply,30V/5A Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Lab | eBay

If you need to measure down to the microamp range, then this kind of multimeter may be useful (again it can report over usb) PeakTech® 2025 - PeakTech® - Convincing Top Technology

Of course, you will need to write software to read from these devices - depending on the size of your production line it might be be more cost effective just to pay the (quite reasonable IMO) overhead of the automation license and OTII cost.

Thank you @neilmacmullen for giving links to other solutions.
It’s just that in my opinion we should be able to read by command line every information that is available on GUI. Of course if we want automation or script it kind of makes sens to buy advanced features but for $600 tool I was expecting this kind of basic read current by CLI feature to be included.