Otii Ace Pro external wall adapter

Hey, can anyone recommend a wall adapter for ACE pro? Thanks!

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On Ace Pro page, FAQ (How do I choose the right external DC adapter for Otii Ace Pro?) you can find a recommendation that I have been using with good result

It is TRH70A180-11E03 VI from Cincon Electronics Co. LTD.

If you also have an Arc, this DC adapter must not be plugged into the Arc, since it has too high DC voltage for Arc. If you want a DC adapter to work both with Arc and Ace, then I can recommend XP Power VER18US090-JA.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I do have a XP Power VER18US090, but that one wouldn’t power enough to let ACE Pro to output voltage above 5V. I guess the other option should allow it. Thanks anyway!


If your Ace do not output voltage higher than 5V then I suggest that you check in File → Preferences, what you have as maximum voltage.
By default this is set to 5.5V.
Your XP Power should be able to handle full voltage, but of course that depends on the current.

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That’s a good catch. I will check the preference. Thank you very much!