Annoying UI bug

I’ve noticed that for the last couple of releases, the UI appears to get confused about the position of the mouse and thinks that it is below the position of the mouse pointer. For example, I move the mouse pointer over the power-switch and click and nothing happens but if I move it down nearer the ‘+’ button (to right of “Recordings” and click, the power is toggled.

This may be related to the ‘popup’ messages (e.g. “Calibration required”) or possibly it’s miscalculating because I have a mixture of screen resolutions in my system. OTII is running on an external monitor with 1920x1200 resolution but the “primary” display of the laptop is 3000x2000 (250% scaling).

Often, restarting the application solves the problem but it occurs frequently.

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We, as many other developers, are struggling with high DPI displays on Windows. We are working on a long term solution to this but I have no date when this will be in place.
Re-sizing the window might also help in removing this offset.

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Are there any news for this bug?

It is still present in Version 2.7.1 on Windows and it is really annoying, so that the software is kind of useless with this bug.

We have this problem on two different computers.
Resizing and also restarting the application does not solve the problem…

Kind regards, Chris

Hi Chris and welcome to the forum,

We are working on a major update but due to the Covid-19 situation, we are affected in terms of resources.
We are frustrated and sorry that this development have been delayed and we do everything we can to get back on track.

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Hi bjorn

I found a workaround by disabling the “Enable OpenGL rendering” Option in the preferences.


Now the offset is gone away.

Maybe this is helpful for other users.

Best regards, Chris