Autostart / triggered start of measurement

WeWe really love Arc in our office however we desperately miss the function to automatically turn the measurement and the power to the device upon one button press.

I image the buttons (checkbox?) functionality be as following:

  • start the measurement
  • one second or so after the start of measurement power on the device

This would really help in aligning the different measurement profiles without paintakingly using the offset feature.

Thanks for a great product!


Hi Marcel,

We are happy to hear that you love our Arc!
We love it too.
I will enter your idea of improvement in our system, thank you.
It is, however, possible to do with a script.

Best regards,

Thanks for the response. Yeah - script - that would require additional license and additional development. I would happily sacrifice some other features of the standard license to get this specific support enabled :slight_smile: