CoolTerm unable to open port with OTII

Trying to use CoolTerm to communicate through the OTII the CoolTerm is unable to open the port.

Error 5: Access denied.

Any way to bypass?

Could you provide some additional information on what you are trying to do. We have no experience of CoolTerm and unsure what you are trying to open with what.

Could you supply a simple sketch of your connections?

I am trying to measure the energy consumption of a ublox modem called SARA-N211 on a breakout module board calle EE-NBIOT-01 v1.1.
I am able to issue AT-commands to it using a USB to TTL cable and using CoolTerm as a terminal for serial communications. I was thinking I could try the same thing through OTII, however I am unable to open the port where OTII is connected.

Maybe insted of trying to solve the issue of opening the port I could just ask the following:
How do you send AT-commands using OTII?

In Project Settings you should be able to find a tab named LOGS for your Otii Arc device. Enable UART and set appropriate baudrate and press apply. You should now get a log visualization which contains a box where you can type things you want to send to your device.


Very nice, I will try it out.