How can I verify that Otii sends commands?

First I will refer to the thread titled Unable to send AT-commands.

I got curious about this and decided to test whether I can receive commands sent through the Otii software in the “Text to send…” field as seen in the image below

Before I tried my experiment I verified that I could talk(send and receive) with a modem via my USB-TTL cable and CoolTerm, so CoolTerm and the cable should be running perfectly.

I connected (TX, RX, GND) from a USB-TTL cable to (TX, RX og DGND) respectively on Otii to see if CoolTerm can show incoming data from Otii. CoolTerm was configured with line mode and local echo for baud rate 9600. I do not receive anything in CoolTerm when attempting to send “AT” or any other text/command. The field for UART-1 Log was also tested.

Maybe I did something wrong.

How can I verify that Otii actually sends commands/text?


Hi Johannes,

You can verify that Otii sends commands by connecting TX to RX on the expansion port.
Then start a recording and send the commands.

Best regards,

Thanks! I notice that the log is not updated with the text sent until after the recording is stopped.