Correct pin connection for UART to receive Serial on RX

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I have opened OTII and asked it to read from Serial, but it isn’t showing any data.
is there something special I need to do?


You should connect the TX pin of your device to the RX pin on the front of Otii Arc. Then in Project Settings under the log tab you should enable UART and set the correct baudrate.

Data is split by newline or carriage return, so make sure you have some of them in your output.

Do i need to press play or do anything else?
I am asking because I connected a TX from my device to the RX, but nothing was displaying. (Verified Baud rate, etc)

But, when I connected the same device to a USB to Serial converter, I could read the data from the device using Putty serial.


Ah, yes.

You need to start a recording as well. It’s general for all our data collection, we only collect data if a recording is running. Project -> New Recording, or the + sign in the side bar.