Display statistics of "on screen" data

I’ve seen this request on previous “Feature request” but not implemented yet ?
It is really convenient to see the average sleep current after an RF (high current) event for example.
I think we need both : the average from the beginning and the average of “on screen” running data.
From previous answers I thought this feature is in your backlog so can you provide a estimated delivery date ?

I know I can use the select tool to have this information but it would be way better to have this measurement live. I plan to use your tool in production to test the standby current after RF message so I really need this feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be also great to be able to not save the data (just display like on an oscilloscope) to save some SSD lifetime :slight_smile:


I’m the only one having no reply ;(

Is my question not clear ?

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Hi Thomas,

I am sorry for not replying earlier, good that you reminded us!

We are very thankful for all improvement ideas and we constantly add them in our backlog, including your ideas.
What improvements that are implemented and what needs to be in the wait list is a prioritization question, and we prioritize all the time. This means that some features take longer time and that doesn’t mean they are bad.

So, keep on giving us feedback, we love that!

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