Suggestion for long-running logs

Our device supports deep-sleep and only wakes up every few hours for a period of a few seconds. We are interested in the current profile in active mode but the deep-sleep periods are uninteresting except for their duration.

At the moment the UI becomes painfully slow when run for extended periods. I’d like to suggest that the UI is extended to support a ‘threshold’ value below which the current can be treated as 0 (or some nominal constant value for the sake of power calculations). The deep-sleep period data can then be reduced to single run for the appropriate duration. This could massively speed up rendering and hugely reduce the memory requirements for long traces.

Hello Neil

We totally agree that we want to improve the “long time with idle current I don’t really care about” scenario. Our internal data model does not support this currently so it’s quite a lot of work for us to change. It’s however something we want to do so it will happen eventually.