Feature suggestion - average analysis for periodic events

It’s often useful to think of periodic events in terms of how much they contribute to the average power consumption. E.g. if I perform a GPS fix every 6 hours it might average out to a continual 15uA.

At the moment I do this budgeting by using OTII to calculate the energy of the event then copying this value into a spreadsheet where I do some calculations to turn this into a continuous average based on how often the event occurs.

It would be a convenience if I could just select a section of the trace and have it calculate the continuous average based on some period I’ve entered, or alternatively to have it calculate the minimum period that would still allow me meet a specified budget.

Hello Neil

Do you have any suggestions of how this UI element would look and where it would be placed?

I was thinking you could turn it on/off under the Tools (or maybe new “Statistics” menu).


  • Select Statistics->Show continual average for periodic event or Statistics->Show minimum period to meet continuous average
  • Enter required information in pop up dialog
  • Calculated figure then appears along with MIN/AVG/MAX/E in the Statistics bar and changes and selection is made.

Obviously you could then extend this to show other useful selection-based statistics. Just a few more ideas…

% time spent above minimum current for an idea of how much time is spent in active vs deep-sleep, etc)

lowest current above threshold - useful for finding out how much shallow sleep is consuming even when mixed in with deep sleep.

Others… ?