Network failure at login, change your proxy settings

I’ve seen this.

When I try to login in the software, which I newly installed (latest .deb), I get:

“Network failure. Change you proxy settings.”

I’m not using a proxy. Should I write something special in the Host name / Port?

On Debian stretch.

Hello Gauthier

When we want to connect to network we try to auto detect proxy settings. First we use the values in the preference dialog of the application. If the hostname is blank in there we try to get it from Gnome. If there are no proxy settings set in Gnome we try to use http_proxy environment variable.

If neither of those three are set, we will try to connect directly. So in your case, you should just leave the host blank in the preference dialog.

Could you have a look in your history window (Window -> History) and see if there are any clues as to what is going wrong. For some reason your client is unable to reach our servers.


Hi Fletcher, this is what the history says:

That’s weird. Could you attached otii.log? It’s found in the otii directory inside your Documents folder. if you don’t want to post it public then create a case and attach it there.

I will check if I can re-produce this on debian buster. I don’t have any stretch available at the moment.


Hello again Gauthier

I’ve tested a bit here now. Could you try if this helps:

sudo apt install libssl1.0-dev


That worked, thanks!

But now I’m not sure what the point is for me to login, does it give otherwise inaccessible features?

If you do not have a premium license the advantages are limited. If you’re logged in and reserve a standard license then your application will stay in standard even if you disconnect your Otii Arc. That enables you for example to crop and downsample a project without your Arc connected.