Internet proxy problem


I’m sitting behind a corporate firewall proxy and have problems getting my license authenticated when starting Otii. Please advise how to handle this thanks.

Hello ptl

On Windows and macOS I would expect this to work as we read the system proxy settings. We can however not read out credentials. I believe that most corporate proxy servers caches credentials though so it should suffice to use your web browser now and then to keep Otii running as well.

On Linux, with the plethora of software configurations makes it a bit more complicated. In the current software we use the http_proxy environment variable, so make sure that is set and it should work.

We are currently working on improvements to the proxy handling in Linux and should in the next version also be able to pick up Gnome’s proxy settings. In addition to this we will introduce a simple preferences dialog where you will be able to set your proxy settings explicitly. Unfortunately you will still not be able to provide credentials as we want to create a secure way to store them before we introduce that, it’s however in the plan.

Hope this helps you. Don’t hesitate to get back with additional questions or information if it does not.


Ok, thanks. Should have said that I’m using Linux (of course) :slight_smile: