Get licenses behind proxy


we recently bought enterprise license, but I have difficulties obtain my license when I’m behind proxy. I can log in correctly so I guess the SW can read my system proxy settings (the OTII network settings are blank) but when I try to obtain the license I get "Failed to refresh licenses with server).

Sys info: Win10 Enterprise, OTII ver 2.5.4
I can’t really setup a proxy in OTII, becasu we obtain it dynamically through a network script (proxy.pac)

Please help because this really blocks us in our development.


Hi Jiri

Sorry to say, but proxy through a network script is not something that we support at the moment.
We will look into this for the future but I cannot today say when we have a solution.
This in already in our backlog.

Best regards,

Hi Björn,

I also tried to put there a fixed IP address of the proxy I have currently obtained,
as before I can log in, but no luck with the license check.

In this case it is supposed to work?


Hi Jiri,

Could you create a case in our case system ( so we can dig deeper into this issue?

Best regards,