Otiicli does not reserve a license



I am trying to use otiicli and follow the example at https://www.qoitech.com/help/otii/tcp-server, however it is unsuccessful with the following output:

$ otiicli -t 60 -s -r -v
otiicli - Copyright (C) Qoitech AB 2016. All Rights Reserved.
"Failed to create default Uart blacklist file: otii/uart_blacklist.json"
Device added:  "Arc51203120393830503030323133323035"
Added device: "Arc"
"?" Connected to an Arc
"Arc" Hardware revision: "1.2"
"Arc" Firmware revision: "1.1.2"
Initialized device: "Arc"
Arc has new improved firmware download functionality.
No available license
Server stopped

I do have a license in my account and I am able to reserve it with GUI application. CLI runs on Ubuntu 18.10 headless server. Please suggest what should I do?




The TCP server is part of the Enterprise package so you need to have an Enterprise license to run this -s command.
I will ask sales to contact you for a quote.

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