USB dongle


Because I had some issues to connect to server, I received from Qoitech an USB dongle to activate my license.
This is perfectly working, the license appears when I open otii.exe.
But some errors appears now when I launch automation tests because the example scripts are made for a connection to server:

#Launch OTII and connect to server
cmd = f'otiicli --server --username={cfg.HOST["USERNAME"]} --password={cfg.HOST["PASSWORD"]}'
server = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True)
connection = otii_connection.OtiiConnection(cfg.HOST["IP"], cfg.HOST["PORT"])
connect_response = connection.connect_to_server()

if connect_response["type"] == "error":
    print("Exit! Error code: " + connect_response["errorcode"] + ", Description: " + connect_response["data"]["message"])

[Extract from an example script found on github]

When I delete the connection commands, I cannot launch my tests because following instructions need this information.

Do you have some example scripts when we use an USB dongle please? Or a list of commands to remove/add ?

Best regards,

Hi Solene,

When you have a valid dongle, there is no need to have --username or --password.
Just use:
otiicli -s

Best regards,