Ubuntu 16.04 License issue

Hi there,

Our team is using your product and it’s great, I encounter a problem recently and hope you guys can help out.

Since our scripts mostly running on ubuntu 16.04, so I find the version OTII that last supports 16.04, I believe is 2.3.0 and installed. The software works fine, but when I log in to my enterprise account, it somehow shows my account is free, not enterprise.

I tried with the latest version 2.6 on windows, it works fine. It can show my account is enterprise.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Joey,

Do you have the possibility to run Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.04 instead of 16.04?
We do continuous improvements and bug fixes in the software and therefore we always recommend to have the latest version of Otii installed. Unfortunately, we have dependencies to Ubuntu version.

The Otii version you have installed, that works with Ubuntu 16.04, doesn’t have support for Enterprise license and therefore you will not be able to use the advanced functions.

Best regards,

Hi Björn,

I just install 18.04 and it works. Thanks for your information, I understand the issue. We will find our a way to work around this.